Why was “SAP Cloud Platform” rebranded to “SAP Business Technology Platform”?

Imagine you have a store selling different kinds of candies. Over time, you notice that customers prefer more than just candies; they also want different types of treats like chocolates and cookies. So, to better serve your customers and reflect the variety of products you offer, you decide to rebrand your store with a new name that includes “Treats” in it. This way, people will understand that your store has expanded beyond just candies.

Similarly, SAP Cloud Platform was originally focused on providing cloud-based services for businesses. However, as time went on, SAP realized that their platform was offering more than just cloud services. It also included technologies for application development, integration, analytics, and more.

To better represent the broader range of offerings and show that it’s not just about the cloud, SAP decided to rebrand their platform as SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).
This new name helps customers understand that the platform is not limited to the cloud but also includes various technologies to help businesses with their overall technology needs.

To summarize, SAP rebranded SAP Cloud Platform to SAP BTP to better reflect that it’s not just about cloud services anymore. It’s a comprehensive platform that provides various tools and services for businesses to build, integrate, and run all kinds of digital solutions, like mobile apps, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and more.

What makes SAP BTP different?

There are 3 major benefits of SAP BTP, which makes it different and unique solution offering for organizations.

To meet customer demand for a more intuitive, simple platform, SAP BTP offers a unified experience that spans a wide variety of scenarios around integration, creation of value from data, and extensibility for processes in 25 key industries.

Capabilities in SAP BTP support a simplified user experience and enable functional inter-operability between SAP applications and technology.

Business Centric
SAP BTP is designed for business transformation and not just technology transformation or optimization. SAP BTP features are focused on improving the business outcomes companies can achieve.

The platform offers process- and data-specific tooling that helps organizations rapidly build and extend SAP applications. Business services and prepackaged content help users meet domain-specific requirements and develop focused data analysis scenarios.

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