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Trayii brings you an exciting career opportunity in SAP, offering comprehensive Training and Recruitment Program 2023-24 to build and validate your skills from beginner to intermediate and advanced levels and become a trusted SAP expert. At once you build 2-3 years of experience, you will have the opportunity to work with our clients in US.
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The Probationer /Trainee shall be severally liable to pay to Trayii (the Employer) on demand immediately the said sum of Rs. 2,00,000 (Rupees Two lakhs only) from the date of breach of the terms of the contract.
In order to secure Trayii (the Employer) against the expenses incurred by it on the training of the Probationer /Trainee and to ensure due compliance of all terms and conditions stipulated by the Employer and accepted by the Probationer, it is agreed that the Probationer /Trainee shall be liable to compensate the Employer if he/she commits to break or any breach of the conditions and agreed time frame mentioned above.
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