Take Your SAP BPA Processes Into The Future

SAP Business Process Automation (BPA) is a partnership offering from SAP and Trayii, which can be deployed on-premise or in an IaaS scenario in the cloud.

It’s sold outside of SAP, but under the SAP software umbrella it is known as SAP BPA, and comes pre-bundled with lots of SAP specific connectivity options and capabilities.

In regular use, it functions as an enterprise scheduler, capable of advanced batch job scheduling, but also includes some very clever engineering for providing APIs and exposing functionality that allow it to be integrated with almost any other enterprise applications.



Your Ideal SAP Implementation Partner

Innovative Solutions

We base our SAP business solutions on an advanced architectural model. With each project, we focus to accelerate innovation in your SAP framework. Our remedial services reduce the SAP system’s downtime.

Strategy Planning

Using an expert architectural model and strategic use of information, we deploy our SAP services to directly improve your efficiency. We identify your problem areas and deliver solutions to reorganize your information infrastructure.

End-End Approach

With a vast range of SAP-managed services, we offer solutions for different business functions. Our comprehensive managed services app development model offers a productive reinvention of your business operations.

On-going Support

We look beyond IT transformation. Our services are focused on bringing value to you. Every project and every integration is targeted to uplift your business capabilities.

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