Co-Innovation Labs

Co-innovation helps you combine technology, facilities, and people

The importance of fostering innovation to drive superior business outcomes has gained significant traction in recent years. Innovation symbolizes the iterative journey of any project, and Co-innovation helps you think two steps ahead by combining technologies, facilities, and people. With invention at the core, businesses need to strengthen their capabilities by identifying promising technologies and establish an organization that focuses on innovation.

Trayii Technologies Co-Innovation Lab offers a structured and proven approach to deliver off-the-shelf services and solutions for game-changing experiences that matter to business leaders. By leveraging our digital prowess, we help define a structured approach to emerging technologies- business concepts and assist in shortlisting-optimizing to focus on scalable real-world solutions with high revenue potential.

We integrate exceptional design and technology expertise with Entity detection, Mixed Reality, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Advanced Analytics, and more for coming up with the optimal Co-Innovation approach. With our expertise and technology understanding, we help you transform your business ideas into successful ventures.


Innovation helps organizations prepare to respond to evolving technologies and rapid digitalization in today’s hyper-competitive environment. We believe ideation paves the path to establish a unique position for your organization. With our collective intelligence and innovative ecosystem of tailored tools and processes, we collaborate and emphasize generating ideas. Based on our extensive expertise in ideation and industry processes, we build an innovative framework to help you collaborate and go-to-market quickly.

We help you connect to a structured and more resilient design thinking approach that enables you to realize your innovative potential to the fullest and more tangible business outcomes.

We provide extensive tailor-made consulting services to accelerate interactive innovation in your organization and simplify complex processes. We enable innovation through human-centric design thinking, applying lean methodologies, and creating a distinguished knowledge panel for supporting the innovation process. While designing processes, we pinpoint improvement areas to address market pressures by leveraging the right mix of technologies, key performance indicators, and idea evaluation strategies. With a strong legacy of innovation in technology services and global experience in providing insightful business perspectives, we help companies explore new approaches to business challenges and new opportunities.

With a controlled and inclusive approach from design to testing, we help you accomplish the most satisfactory conclusion from your innovation-centric software solution. We use our broad application development expertise and proven industry best practices during the project’s lifecycle to ensure that the solution is of high quality. We transform your goals into quantifiable outcomes and ensure that the solutions delivered fit the way people in your organization work, easing user adoption.


We drive innovation with our best-in-class expertise, high-impact tools, out-of-the-box advancements, and industry-leading practices to enable exceptional solution implementation.


Your Ideal SAP Implementation Partner

Innovative Solutions

We base our SAP business solutions on an advanced architectural model. With each project, we focus to accelerate innovation in your SAP framework. Our remedial services reduce the SAP system’s downtime.

Strategy Planning

Using an expert architectural model and strategic use of information, we deploy our SAP services to directly improve your efficiency. We identify your problem areas and deliver solutions to reorganize your information infrastructure.

End-End Approach

With a vast range of SAP-managed services, we offer solutions for different business functions. Our comprehensive managed services app development model offers a productive reinvention of your business operations.

On-going Support

We look beyond IT transformation. Our services are focused on bringing value to you. Every project and every integration is targeted to uplift your business capabilities.

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