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With the tech talent in diverse areas, we augment your teams for success.

The world of technology is in constant flux. As more companies embark on digital transformation (DX) initiatives, the need for skilled tech workers will continue to rise.

The technological landscape is, however, quite fragmented today. In the past, companies used to require talent in a handful of areas. Today, new languages and frameworks appear on the horizon every month and companies are finding it hard to acquire quality talent in new areas.

Trayii has a stellar track-record of helping companies augment their technology teams with skilled manpower. We have highly skilled talent not only in traditional areas like application development, packaged applications and systems integration, but also in newer areas like cloud, data science and automation.

All our candidates go through a rigorous evaluation to ensure that they are at the top of their game in terms of technical acumen and interpersonal skills.


Hire candidates with a great past to help build a great future for clients
A full-time hiring decision is crucial to a company’s success and fortunes. At Traita Tech, we put in every effort to attract top-level candidates through a thorough understanding of your company’s vision, mission, culture and the unique values and attributes.

We understand that onboarding top performers have a disproportionately high impact. They drive large-scale transformations, build blockbuster products or forge strong client relationships.

Their talent represents the greatest source of competitive advantage for companies, while their work will outlast them in value. This is why it is important to get every full-time hiring decision right.

Trayii has partnered with several Fortune 500 companies to help them hire the best talent. The tech market is fiercely competitive and complex. We bring a large pre-screened talent pool and an extensive professional network to help our client hire candidates who are crème de la crème. Our deep understanding of technology helps us rigorously assess and evaluate whether a prospective candidate can start adding value from day one.

Companies of today need a partner who can help them build a strong foundation of talent to sustain and grow in today’s competitive market. We have carefully invested in automated systems to help us screen and assess candidates at scale. Our proprietary assessment techniques and recruitment procedures ensure that we hire nothing but the best! Our behavioural assessment processes help us select candidates who flourish in the unique working culture of clients. Technology teams now require people with diverse skills and backgrounds to work together—so behavioural fit matters a lot.

We work with clients to develop an employee value proposition that helps attract the best people for the permanent role. From preparing job descriptions to making the final offer, everything we do aligns to this value proposition. All this requires us to work closely with clients as an extension of their talent team—and we have established a strong reputation for taking such ownership to deliver results.

Talk to us today to see how we can help you hire your next top performer.

The Trayii advantage

Strong understanding of technology to hire the right professionals
Behavioural assessment to determine cultural fit
Large network and technological backbone to hire the finest at scale

At Trayii, we offer responsive hiring services (temporary, contract-to-hire and/or permanent) across sectors such as telecom, banking, insurance, healthcare and IT, and we are differentiated by our focus on hiring world-class tech talent.

The team of consultants at Traita Tech have a thorough understanding of technology, which enables them to identify, attract and deploy the finest tech candidates on client engagements across the world.

Hiring the right people is critical. Regardless of which sector a client operates in, it is important to have the best talent to navigate an increasingly complex business landscape. Globally, companies spend an estimated $19 billion annually on hiring activities alone. Much of this is wasted due to poor planning and targeting. Of course, this does not include the knock on effects of poor hiring. Companies need a reliable partner to help address their talent needs.

Our pre-screened talent pool helps companies cut down on hiring time. We source the best talent continuously and keep a tab on emerging skills. This puts us in an advantageous position as we hire people for niche skillsets that are experiencing a surge in demand. With focused redeployments, we enable Traita Tech specialists to acquire valuable experience by working on diverse engagements. All our specialists are battle-tested and ready to make an impact early into their stints.

The Trayii advantage

Responsive temporary hiring, contract-to-hire and permanent hiring services
Proven capabilities in hiring top tech talent with niche, in-demand skillsets
Project-ready talent to start delivering quality work early into their stints

Recruitment is an exciting process if not laborious. Because it is with recruitment that a company is built and expands. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) as defined by the industry is a business model that focuses on outsourcing the management of the recruitment function, as necessary, to a vendor for reasons not limited to cost, quality, efficiency, service, and scalability.

It is this vendor that takes care of placing people into that organization. The baseline benefit of RPO is reduced time-to-hire and cost savings.

Trayii has onboarded market-leading vendors to source the right talent for your hiring needs. Our RPO service, with its vast talent network, is as seamless and efficient as our in-house services. Our specialized understanding of RPO helps us rigorously assess and evaluate whether a vendor can treat the company as their own to onboard the right tech talent.

Our team at Traita Tech has an RPO approach that fuses expert dedicated recruiters, technology, and best practices in hiring to transform the talent acquisition of the company. We ensure that the process is aligned with your hiring goals and functions. Our RPO solutions drive the end-to-end recruitment process from forecasting to sourcing, assessing, placing, and onboarding.

The Trayii advantage

Save your company money by significantly decreasing the average cost-per-hire
Shorten the time to hire for comprehensive onboarding and better productivity
Manage vendors to customize your recrutiment need to supplement hiring, and drive quality and efficiency
Enable scalability to address your company’s changing needs


Your Ideal SAP Implementation Partner

Innovative Solutions

We base our SAP business solutions on an advanced architectural model. With each project, we focus to accelerate innovation in your SAP framework. Our remedial services reduce the SAP system’s downtime.

Strategy Planning

Using an expert architectural model and strategic use of information, we deploy our SAP services to directly improve your efficiency. We identify your problem areas and deliver solutions to reorganize your information infrastructure.

End-End Approach

With a vast range of SAP-managed services, we offer solutions for different business functions. Our comprehensive managed services app development model offers a productive reinvention of your business operations.

On-going Support

We look beyond IT transformation. Our services are focused on bringing value to you. Every project and every integration is targeted to uplift your business capabilities.

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